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Palo Pallas featured article in
Atlanta Journal Constitution.

Designs remain secret until July 22, 10 Gala Event

Heads Up Alabama Project presented by Alabama Psychological Association Foundation. Selected by jury Pallas is one of 20 Alabama artists to produce large head shaped sculptures to travel parts of Alabama.
Opening Gala Event July 22, 10
Birmingham’s Downtown Public Library

Reading Chairs included in "ALIAS: ESTABLISHED & EMERGING ARTISTS"

LiteBox Gallery
Friday, May 14, 2010
5:00pm - 9:00pm
2825 2nd Avenue
Birmingham, AL

Divine Friends # 12 chosen for exhibition:

Meridian Museum of Art 19th Annual People’s Choice Exhibition
May 12 – July 10
Museum Hours:
Wed-Sun 11 AM – 5 PM

"Spirit Sticks" Series Returns

Spirit Sticks

Spirit Sticks are spiritual Beings I see when I look at a found branch. They originated from my childhood love of sticks, in which as an adult, I again found myself irresistibly drawn to a pile of sticks on the side of the road. After several passes in my car, I eventually made them my own....and the creation of "Spirit Sticks" series.



It did take a while, several days actually, for me mustered up the nerve to pull over on this busy street and take them all. A gold mind for me, garbage to the pruners I’m sure.

Once home, I piled them in the basement and for 2 years, I looked at them every time I'd come or leave my home, thinking… wondering… “what was I supposed to do with these sticks”, beautiful in their own right.

Finally, inspired by the idea of the “family tree”, I began. They quickly showed me they preferred to become images of Spiritual Beings and shields; decorated with symbols and heads, the heads images even I don't know exactly where came from. I did know however, every one of them demanded the radiating signature rays of Divine Halos...and I considered each one of these creations to be a friend. Called them: "tree folk friends"

For years I created my "friends" from these branches. Eventually was even compelled to legally take on the name "palo, which means stick in Spanish (so I was informed)…loving the game of “word tracing”, I found the dictionary definitions of: stick related to rod, staff, scepter all of them symbolized “authority of citation", an official summons... I do feel summoned to work with sticks; and Pallas coming from Pallas Athena, of whose attributes is said to include that of Wisdom.

Therefore, my name: stick wisdom or Palo Pallas.

I continued working with the “stick", as I called them, in this manner until an inherited illness surfaced and my work with them as they were just too painful to continue. It was a terrible blow for me.

I could not give up the stick however, and developed other works which allowed me to continue the use of the stick. Reading Chairs came first, then the Think Thoughts Thoughtfully, or TTT, both within this website.

Over time as with all of us my physical health changed again, this time with a good rap on the head, leading to more challenges.

But as I feel all challenges always work out for the best, I found that this new condition I was dealing with, held within it "a healing" of sorts to my wrist, he source of leaving the original "Spirit Sticks".

Now, after nearly 15 years since I had to stop the "Spirit Sticks" as they were, I am once again physically able to work with the beautiful wood of the stick, in their original form, as "Spirit Sticks".

All spiritual being that I create wear the radiating prongs of the halo. Symbolisms are used in the parchments gowning these beings telling a story of who exactly this being is.